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a wrinkle in time
14 February 2013 @ 10:04 pm

graphics are at burnt_metal
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a wrinkle in time
14 July 2010 @ 02:18 pm

Promotinggg the new LIMS contests at :





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a wrinkle in time
10 January 2010 @ 08:26 pm

so haii
just here to drop in a promotion for the new LIMS at
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a wrinkle in time
10 February 2009 @ 10:38 am

A Jack/Rose Titanic Fanmix.
I will put up download links to the songs in the near future.

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a wrinkle in time
04 January 2009 @ 07:26 pm

Today is the last day of winter break. it consisted of me coming back home from my lake house and going to see the curious case of benjamin button. and that would be considered eventful compared to most of my winter break.
Which is why I am ready to go back to school, get back into shape, go back to ballet finally.
did i say go back to ballet? 
I really dont know how much I can take of my studio anymore.

DISCLAIMER: I stilll love ballet with the passion of a thousand suns, and I am still going to do it as a proffesional.

but if I see one more facebook album of some sleepover that all of my supposed "friends" had, then I might go out the window.
and if I see one more casting dissapointment, I dont know what I'm going to do.

*sighs* well now that my petty anger has subsided, (petty describing the entire contents of this post) I can begin to wonder.
If I am putting so much effort in trying to be friends with these people, is it really worth being friends with them?
so going back to school, I shall resolve to become immune to hurt, and to invest in the friendships that I know will last.

This whole winter break seems a lot longer than it was. My grandfather's funeral and all the yahoo around that seems like an eon ago. Christmas dinner with our best family friends seems as far away as my summer at cpyb.

and as for my New Year's resolutions? 
lose weight - #1 priority; summer intensive auditions are coming up, gotta look skinny!
make plans that actually work out - no more will I sit around waiting for other people, no more will my plans fall through because everyone else ditches.


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a wrinkle in time
26 December 2008 @ 11:36 am
So christmas this year was a little bit hectic. for starters, I had nutcracker performances five days beforehand. then my grandfather died, so we had to attend to all of that. when everything was said and done, it was already christmas eve and nobody (well, at least me anyways) had even thought about christmas.
so in comes the rushed, line-filled christmas eve shopping spree at barnes and nobles, where all of my gifts for family and friends were purchased.
the other factor into this christmas was of course, the faltering economy, which put a dent in most everyone's piggy banks.
so with all this, I wasnt expecting a material christmas, so to speak.
it was to my joyous surprise that i recieved gifts that were actually wrapped (although still with price tags) and well-chosen.
while I shall not create a complete detailed list of every gift I recieved, I shall reveal some of my favorite:
watermelon sourpatch kids - whats not to love?
a subscription to vogue magazine - one of my two bibles; it contains fabulous journalism, insightful ideas and reviews, and of course, tons of fashion. =]
the greatest bands you've never known - a book listing some of the greatest underrated, undercelebrated, and unknown bands and artists from all different genres and decades. it is truly entertaining, i have already discovered some new favorites.
the dark knight dvd - all I wanted for christmas. dead serious. and I recieved, and I was happy.
a black jacket from topshop - a really cool looking jacket. too small for me of course. =P

the next step is to lose all the christmas weight I have gained/am gaining from all of those sourpatch kids.
summer intensive auditions are coming up!

so, I hope everyone had fabulous holidays and I shall be ranting about new year's eve/day very soon. ;]

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a wrinkle in time
04 November 2008 @ 09:44 am

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a wrinkle in time
25 August 2008 @ 07:14 pm
so i made a bunch of random icons, they are more funny than artistic.
next time i think i'll make a normal bunch.
but i had a fun time making these.

umm and i think the F-bomb is in one of these icons. just a heads up.

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a wrinkle in time
24 August 2008 @ 11:28 pm

hahaha I'm a loser. But I did it anyways.

Behold... My Future
  I will marry william moseley.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in san fransico, california in our fabulous Shack.  
  We will have 42 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a teal hippie bus.
  I will spend my days as a interior designer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

so here were my options

william moseley
gaspard ullei
heath ledger
kurt cobain


hippie bus
hybrid honda element
navy mini cooper

london, england
seattle, washington
san fransico, california
sydney, australia
new zealand


ballet dancer
interior designer

while this isnt a bad future, i personally would marry heath ledger (yes, he would be alive) and my dream job would be a ballet dancer and my hippie bus would be all of the colors in the rainbow and i would maybee have one boy.

but i still would NOT mind settling for this at all.
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a wrinkle in time
you know, i  was listening to music the other day. 
and i was thinking to myself , "wow, this is really beautiful."
but now that i think about it, what is beautiful? 

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